2 Samuel 1-2 B

It’s crazy to me how not-in-a-hurry David is to be king. The way he seems to even love Saul is amazing. Saul hunted David for years and he is still incredibly grieved to hear of Saul’s death, he literally kills the messenger.

Then this: “The time that David was king in Hebron over the house of Judah was seven years and six months.” (2:11) He is content to be king over only Judah for a very long time. WHY?! This is contrary to most every historical reaction.

David is humble. He wonders at God’s choice of him all throughout his life.

David is trusting. If God is the One who says he will be king, it will happen, when God wants it to happen.

David is focused. His eyes are on the kingdom being built for the glory of the LORD.

Is there a promise you’re waiting to see fulfilled? Are you like Rapunzel singing “when will my life begin” in a tower? What does the waiting look like? Fretting? Entitlement? Distractions? I know those are struggles for me and they are the exact opposite of David’s humility, trust and focus.

Pray with me, today, for the LORD to cultivate these attitudes in our hearts. I want to be patient, honoring and humble. Those three things are incredibly hard to walk in consistently, but I want to grow in them.


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