1 Samuel 29-30 B

“When David and his men came to the city, behold, it was burned with fire, and their wives and their sons and their daughters had been taken captive. Then David and the people who were with him lifted their voices and wept until there was no strength in them to weep.” (30:3-4)

Many times when reading stories like this, I find myself looking for a why. Sometimes there is one and other times there isn’t.

I cannot imagine how deeply devastating this would have been to these men. Totally unexpected. Some started to lash out at David, because that’s what some people do when they’re heartbroken. While the LORD doesn’t give an explanation as to why this happened, He does give David encouragement to go and take it back. Is all hope lost?? No.

In those moments, as they were crying until they ran out of strength, they had no idea they’d have it all back soon.

This morning I was struck by the sovereignty of God. He is high above the earth and over all creation; seeing everything from beginning to end. He doesn’t despair when we do.

The LORD has been so kind and gentle with me over the past few years as I’ve bounced back and forth between here and Europe, with every day holding a level of uncertainty. My heart is tired and sometimes too tired to cry about it. At the same time, I can feel victory, settlement and stability getting closer. The seemingly far off, unattainable goal could be reached in this calendar year. The LORD never despaired in all the times I did.

I love the compassion in David’s leadership, when he shares the spoils with those too exhausted to fight the war. Sometimes this is an example of Jesus, waging the wars we cannot, and sometimes this is the example for the community of God’s people. We take turns being strong, we have mercy for weakness, and we celebrate with everyone.

I could not have survived the last couple years without the kindness and sovereignty of the LORD, nor could I be where I am now without the community of people He has blessed me with, both here and there.

The LORD is bigger than all our wildest fears and today is a great day to remember that.


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