1 Samuel 23-24 B

Can you think of anything more vulnerable than sneaking off to go to the bathroom and being attacked by your worst enemy in the midst?

David shows Saul undeserved mercy and respect. He reveres him as God’s anointed one, even though this man has completely lost his mind and is on a sinful, jealous tear to kill him.

David recognizes that God is sovereign over the leaders He appoints.

I had to stop and reread chapter 24 because I hardly even recognize the type of integrity David is practicing.

Pause and reflect on who God has given authority in your life. If I’m honest, my mind goes to the current president of the US. These chapters bring me so much peace! Good leaders come and go. Corrupt leaders come and go. Nations go up and down, and as we’ll later read, even the godliest kings fall. David is anticipating becoming king, but in the meanwhile he recognizes Saul as God’s appointed leader over his people.

Jesus is the only good and true king who will never let us down. But he asks us to trust him by trusting them.

What kind of respect do you show the leaders in your life?


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