1 Samuel 7-8 B

Do you ever think about what makes you want to be like other people?

The last few verses of chapter 8 are heart-breaking. God’s people reject his care and his plan for them and despite God’s warnings, ask for a king to lord over them like the surrounding nations.

Why do we do that? What prompts us to look sideways?

Why do we continually reject God and what he has to offer us, begging to be back in slavery?

What a perfect king we have in Jesus. He’s gentle, not harsh. He’s trustworthy, not manipulative. He’s loving, selfless, brave, he fights for us and defeats our enemies and fiercely protects the vulnerable. Who else could compare?

Evaluate your heart. What draws you towards mimicking the ‘surrounding nations’? The ease of blending in to the crowd? The illusion of predictability?

God, don’t give us over to our sinful desires but keep us set apart as your special possession!


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