1 Samuel 3-4 B

It’s such a gift to be spoken to audibly by the Lord, but such a burden as well. Have you ever received a clear message from God? Perhaps one that you know you’re suppose to pass along?

God has never spoken audibly to me, but there have been moments when he has put something on my heart, weighing on me like an anvil. Words that needed to be shared, a relationship to end or a decision to make. This is a gift. And a burden.

Samuel delivered awful news to Eli, and Eli responded in a perfectly godly manner:

“So Samuel told Eli everything; he didn’t hold anything back. ‘It is the Lord’s will,’ Eli replied. ‘Let him do what he thinks best.’ ” 1 Samuel 3:18

How do you respond when someone gives you divine insight? Or hard news?

How do you respond when God invites you to be his messenger?



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