Ezekiel 31-32

“Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because Egypt became proud and arrogant, and because it set itself so high above the others, with its top reaching to the clouds, I will hand it over to a mighty nation that will destroy it as its wickedness deserves. I have already discarded it.” 31:10-11

God is getting ready to humble Egypt, and deservingly so! They’ve linked themselves to pagan nations, worshiped other gods and allowed their pride to swell.

A successful nation is a common false security we reach for. As an American, I do this often. I place my safety in incapable hands and lean into untrustworthy arms. A successful country can’t save us. The Old Testament is filled with kingdoms that rise and eventually fall. Kings who are corrupt. And, like we read today, it seems that if a nation is doing well by political standards, they are slipping further and further away from their identity in the Lord.

If you don’t live in a thriving country; you know this well. God’s goodness is not hinged on where you live. Your surroundings aren’t a scale of his love for you and you have more opportunities to depend on him.

Today’s chapters remind me that I need to pray for my country. There’s a lot of dialogue in Christian culture right now about what is best for America and the world. I want to speak less and pray more. I don’t know what’s best, but I’m thankful God does. Honestly? My prayer is that he wouldn’t give up on us. That we would remember we need him. That the church would reflect Christ even when America isn’t. I can’t control our world leaders; but I can be a leader in my faith.

Step away from the social media rants. Disengage in the disagreements; they will always be there. If you want to be heard, talk to God.

Where do you put your identity? 

How can you be making a change?



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