Ezekiel 23-24

“And because you have forgotten me and turned your back on me, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: You must bear the consequences of all your lewdness and prostitution.” 23:35

The Bible tells us countless times to remember God. More specifically, it repeatedly tells the Israelites to remember what he has done, warning them not to forget him.

What are symptoms of forgetting God?

Worry. When money is tight, or you’ve lost your job, or plans fall through and your future is unknown. We forget God when we allow fear to take over and spend energy being anxious.

Laziness. This a perpetual battle. Today’s culture is hinged on the avoidance of work. Don’t let the ease of social media, fast food and technology stop you from engaging in relationship with God’s people. God doesn’t want you to have an easy life, he wants you to have a full one, marked with intention. Remember how Jesus did it. He shared meals. He asked questions, face to face. He traveled and helped people in their daily work. He lived in community. Losing perspective on relational work is forgetting how God designed the church to be.

Discontentment. Looking for fulfillment anywhere besides your identity in the Lord will leave you empty and bored. Remember who breathed life into you and what he’s called you to. Don’t forget what he’s done and who he says he is. The giver of life. The Prince of Peace. The maker-of-all-things-new. The joy-provider.

If you’ve been reading along with us for a while, we probably sound like a broken record about this. But I can’t urge you enough to write down what God has done in your life. Whether you’re a poetic writer who can easily pen a whole page in your journal, or you prefer to make a bullet point list, write. it. down.

Write down when you unexpectedly receive a refund that happens to cover the last of a bill. Write down when God answers a prayer you haven’t even said aloud. Write down the hard seasons, the way out he provides, the people he puts into your life and the Scripture that soothes your soul when you’re mourning. Write it all down, lest we forget what a great and gracious God we serve, who has rescued us out of our slavery.




2 thoughts on “Ezekiel 23-24

  1. Michelle

    God has really been faithful, right from my the day I was conceived my mom was told to terminate me cos she might lose her life or I will die. But I thank God I am here my mom is also alive. My walk through nursery, primary, secondary education was safe, all thanks to my creator. I went through uni from my first year through third year I couldn’t pay my fees but God was faithful, many could not write their exams for the same reason but mine was buy the grace of God. 4th year I was able to pay my fees and thank God no extra year but I still have to pay my fees to be cleared. I was told I had a fake admission but I still went home and cried to God, I went back the next day it was rectified I am grateful to God, I pay all my fees submitted my files was cleared, what ever that was to be a barrier, my Jehovah removed, I went for service and back. Got married and many more. I was baptized the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I was giving a new spirit praise God. I have peace of mind and I was able to forgive my husband for the shame of robbery. It was grace speaking. Thank you Jesus I was able to get pregnant and give birth, for my life,that of my husband and children. Grateful ♥


  2. Yes. I agree wholeheartedly! My life began to change dynamically when I began to journal regularly. Blessings, needs, scriptures, whatever He is placing on my heart, it’s all poured out in honest reflection on the page.


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