Ezekiel 1-2

Here are the first and second Bible Project videos covering Ezekiel. I wanted to include them both now, because the hope of the last part really got me jazzed and I didn’t want to delay in sharing it.

I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude to have access to the Word of God. His words have reached me, His Presence and Spirit are with me.

I imagine, until this moment, Ezekiel was terribly grieved to be separated from the presence of God and access to His word. All hope seemed lost, because wasn’t the LORD confined to the temple in Jerusalem, 900 miles away? Not even a little.

Ezekiel is made a prophet to his people, “who are stubborn and obstinate children.” (2:4) The LORD assures him it won’t be easy 3 times. They probably won’t listen and they will inevitably hurt you, but you must speak to them.

It’s easy, too easy, to be swayed by the responses of people (I’m a middle child peace maker and really hate confrontation, unless I’m leading the rebellion). But when a glowing man on a throne supported by winged and four-faced creatures on eye wheels shows up, and is just the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD, you fall on your face and get ready to obey.

I’m challenged in two ways:

  1. I desperately need God’s Presence and Word in my life.
  2. I must remember His authority and commission when the going gets tough.

Do you remember God is near/with/inside you? Do you ever feel far from Him or outside His reach or jurisdiction? Are you submitted to Him or the finicky responses, actions or words of those around you?

Israel was in exile due to centuries of idolatry. I’ve been really blessed and challenged by the sermon series my home church (Montavilla Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon) has been doing about relationships. Thank God for Facebook livestream! Pastor Randy spoke about the destructiveness or making each other into gods we need to appease. Becoming aware of my tendency to do that has revolutionized the way I love. I am challenged to love out of submission to the One True God who commands unconditional love, not submission to “whatever will keep the peace”.

Let’s remember, today, the magnificence of God and check His place of authority in our lives. Also, thanking Him for His Spirit who is with us, wherever we go.


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