Numbers 35-36

“…designate cities of refuge to which people can flee if they have killed someone accidentally. These cities will be places of protection…” 35:11-12

What a merciful God we follow, who carves out space for accidents. Terrible, life-costing accidents that are the result of our carelessness, our shortsightedness or sometimes, just plainly, our humanness.

I’m convinced that if God designates space to someone who has screwed up big time, that we should too. This doesn’t really draw a great crowd; those hiding out from their avengers. But it’s a great example of God’s mercy and compassion that we should follow. (Justice still stands; the “slayer” is awaiting a trial while they’re in the city of refuge.)

How can we be a city of refuge for those caught in their sin?

What does it look like for your church? Your home? Your heart?

Tomorrow we will start the book of Ezekiel. Should be interesting!


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