Numbers 29-30

Every seventh time is consecrated to the LORD. Seventh day of the week, seventh month of the year, seventh year, seventh collection of seven years.

Seven is a symbolic number of completion. Nothing is full, there is no closure until seven. Seven is the LORD’s number, which means nothing is full or completed until He is involved.

Much of Israel’s rituals were reminders, as we’ve discussed, and specific reminders to keep the LORD in everything. A part of every day, week, year, celebration. It’s not complete until He’s recognized as being part of it.

We don’t have all these same reminders. It can be easy to unintentionally compartmentalize our faith in God and leave Him out of varied aspects of life.

What about our promises? Chapter 30 has all these protections from hasty vows. I think this is hilarious. I know gender stereotypes are taboo these days, but I know myself as a woman, and my impulsive promises. It would be infuriating to have a dad, husband or brother around to be like, “Nah, nah, she doesn’t mean it, don’t hold her to it”, but it would also get me out of a lot of trouble.

But wait! I do have Jesus, who is always with me, and intercedes for me before the Father, saying, “Don’t hold her impulsive outbursts against her.” That’s amazing! And something worth remembering:

Don’t leave Jesus out of anything!


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