Numbers 23-24

“But Balaam replied to Balak, ‘Didn’t I tell you that I can only do what the Lord tells me?’ ” 23:26

These chapters are such a beautiful example of God’s sovereignty over his people. At first glance, it can seem like because God’s using a sorcerer, he’s condoning sorcery. But the way he uses Balaam just proves the control and power he has over evil.

Yet another example in the Bible of God using someone incredibly unlikely to accomplish work. Balaam was just in this all for the money, and was attempting to harm Israel. But instead, God uses him to predict the coming of the Messiah (24:15-19).

This is our God and I love how he works. He untwists evil intentions and threads them into his story, using them to accomplish his plans.

Our future is safe in God’s hands.


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