Numbers 5-6

As strange as a supernatural adultery test that makes you fat if you’re guilty is, it does protect women from men who are jealous without reason. This places God back in the judgement seat where He belongs.

I love this option to become a Nazirite.

“When a man or woman makes a special vow… to dedicate themselves to the LORD…” (6:2)

It’s voluntary, it’s a love response, it’s for men and women.

We are familiar with at least one Nazirite: Samson (Judges 13-16). You can see here, that Samson’s attachment to his hair wasn’t random, although he wasn’t as strict about the other rules.

What I love about this is how God gives us positive directions to go with our free will. In our Christian freedom, there is still room to give something up, to fast, or voluntarily abstain. We have a relationship with the Creator and there will always be more to pursue in Him. Often times fasting, or dedicating something to God, allows us to discover His ability to fulfill us in new ways. The more vices I remove from my life, the more readily I return to Him and find true relief.

Is there something you’d like to give up or dedicate to the LORD? Consider how you can intentionally make steps toward deeper intimacy with Him.


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