Numbers 3-4

Is tempting to scan over these chapters; I’ll admit it took some discipline for me to engage in the text. By the end of it, I was laughing. I can barely read about what it took for them to step towards redemption. Can you imagine living in that?

We are redeemed by Christ! We aren’t held down by outward work. No goatskin leather. No firstborn livestock. Christ has fulfilled the Law and the sacrificial system; we are redeemed not by our work, but by him alone.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have any work to do. Our work is not in tedious rituals or ceremonies. It is inward work. Changing. Getting rid of all your preconceived notations of God, the Bible, life. Dying to self. Nurturing the fruits of the Spirit and weeding out the sin. We do this hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit; we don’t have to carry this load alone. We are in a moving, changing, growing relationship with an alive God.

Is your relationship with God growing?

What “work” do you need to step into with Christ?


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