Leviticus 13-14

“These are the instructions regarding skin diseases and mildew.”

Well, that was informative and fun! Two entire chapters on skin conditions and the spreading of various rashes and diseases. Here we read more about how God protects and prepares Israel holistically. He is teaching them what to eat, what not to eat, and even giving them sound medical advice to protect them from the spreading of disease.

Leprosy is mentioned often in the Bible. I looked it up a bit and the disease is sad and disgusting. It starts out harmless and painless, it even numbs the area it infects. It slowly spreads and eventually your face is deformed, your teeth fall out, the cartilage in your ears and nose collapse until your appearance is unrecognizable. Sound familiar?

Reminds me of the sneaky, slow and life-taking consequences of sin. Harmless at first as it slowly, but surely, sucks the life out of you.

Jesus loved lepers. He had mercy on them, healing them of their diseases (Matthew 8 & Luke 17). He’s not afraid to reach out and cleanse us of our mess, even when it rots our bodies and disfigures our appearances. He gave those people a way out, by physically healing them, and he offers a way out of our spiritual illness as well.

These chapters left me thankful that God cares about our quality of life, our health and the qualifications to spend time with him. His relational heart towards us is exposed even in the discussion of open sores and mildewed clothes.


He calls us to be good stewards of the bodies we’re given, spiritually and physically, and spells out pretty clearly how to do that throughout his Word.

How are you prioritizing your physical health? 

How are you protecting your spiritual health? 



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