Leviticus 5-6

The sentence “when you realize what you have done, you must admit your guilt…” occurs repeatedly in chapter 5. I like the concept of this; that God doesn’t want us on our best behavior only when people are watching. Instead, he’s shaping Israel’s understanding of integrity. The God of Israel isn’t (just) a rule maker. As Bethany mentioned before, these rules almost always have a really good explanation behind them.

Leviticus reminds me of the stage of parenting I’m in with my son. It feels like a lot of rules. But they are (almost always) for a really good reason that is coming out of me protecting him. Don’t touch the stove. Don’t eat that random pill you found WHO knows where. Wash your hands after the bathroom. Etc, etc etc. I want him to admit when he’s broken a rule because I’m trying to condition him to trust me and obey as a result of it. 

Israel is learning how to be in relationship with God. Everything is spelled out and there are a lot of rules. But God is still relational, loving and tender-hearted towards them. He is teaching them how to be reconciled, in their sin, to his holy presence. 

When you sin against God unintentionally, do you still repent towards him? To be in right relationship with God, we are called to repent and receive his forgiveness, which is always extended to us.

Take time today to meet with God. Ask him to expose the sin in your life you may not be aware of. When you realize what you have done, you must admit your guilt…



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