Luke 23

The most prominent trait of Jesus I notice when I read this chapter is his meekness. He doesn’t defend himself as he’s being dragged around trying to be convicted like a criminal. They frame the God who came to bring Life and Peace for murder and violent revolting (23:5). Yet he remains silent, answering only when necessary.

He has completely submitted himself to God’s plan and authority. He doesn’t plead his own case, flex his authority or go into a (very deserved) fit of rage. He waits for God to defend him, and in the meanwhile, forgives these people and offers them kindness. He intercedes on their behalf, asking God to forgive them in the midst of their wrong-doing (23:34)

What is your response when you’re wrongly accused, taunted or mocked? 

I’m always really quick to defend myself, yet it never brings me the peace that God’s defense brings. Let’s look to Jesus’ perfect example of meekness and lean into God’s timing and protection. He always gets the last word and fiercely brings Truth to every situation.





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