Luke 19

My mind goes to the donkey-owner vaguely mentioned in this chapter:

” ‘Go into that village over there,’ he told them. ‘As you enter it, you will see a young donkey tied there that no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks, ‘Why are you untying that colt?’ just say, ‘The Lord needs it.’ ‘ So they went and found the colt, just as Jesus had said. And sure enough, as they were untying it, the owners asked them, ‘Why are you untying that colt?’ And the disciples simply replied, ‘The Lord needs it.’ So they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their garments over it for him to ride on. “ 19:30-35

It’s a weird scene! If I saw someone climbing into my car, getting ready to drive off, I’d stop them. If they told me the Lord needs it, I’d call the police. Or, maybe, on a good day, offer to drive them where they needed to go.

The Bible doesn’t tell us how the donkey owner responded, or if it ever got returned to him. I also wonder if he watched his stable animal carry the King into town, an honor he couldn’t fully understand yet if he tried.

When we submit our life to God, we are submitting everything to him. Our time, our finances and our belongings. This story convicted me today to be eager and willing to let the Lord use whatever he needs for his purpose. It’s so easy to get greedy and protective over our things, when really, the things we have are a result of God’s grace in our lives.

We never know what he’s going to ask of us, and we never know what he’s going to use it for. But let’s have open hands that are willing to give when he invites us to be involved in his work.




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