Luke 9

I love the insight we get from this chapter on what it looks like to be in ministry with Jesus. Here are some things I noted:

Ministry involves a lot of hard work. Being in full-time ministry doesn’t just mean studying for hours in a cozy coffee shop or casual hang outs with other Christians. The disciples worked hard. Can you imagine handing out meals to 5,000 people? Especially when you know Jesus could easily take out the hard work and perform a miracle, or send these people away to find their own food? God is a fan of hard work. Yeah, they drank wine and had good meals with Jesus, enjoying his story-telling and traveling to new places. But they also rolled up their sleeves and poured themselves out physically for the gospel.

We get in God’s way a lot (and he allows it). I feel bad for the disciples when they’re so proud of themselves and Jesus ends up rebuking them. Should we send down fire from heaven to destroy these people? Don’t worry Jesus, we stopped other people from using your name because they’re not in our group. I actually laughed out loud when I read Jesus exclaim: “You faithless and corrupt people! How long must I be with you and put up with you?”. We are a handful, and get it wrong a lot. But he invites us to join him in his work anyway. Let’s remain humble in our positions and grateful for his grace with us. 

Following Jesus is going to cost you something (preferably everything). Maybe it’s an entire lifestyle, a location, a relationship, a belonging, or everything. If your life has not changed at all since you started following Jesus, examine this closely. The Bible is pretty clear that the Christian life should be marked by sacrificial living.

What did you notice about these chapters? About the disciples time in ministry with Jesus?




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