Luke 5

We’ve decided to slow it down and take it one chapter at a time to really enjoy this time reading about Jesus!

This chapter is so full of Jesus’ gentleness towards us and his tendency to flip our understanding of Christian living upside down. When reading these stories, I realize if I don’t genuinely welcome in and show love to social outsiders, I am getting it wrong. In these few verses alone, we see Jesus pursue people covered in contagious diseases, illiterate fishermen, a dreaded tax collector and various other social outcasts.

I want to be like the men who get their paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed. Their deep faith that He possessed the healing power to restore their friend’s body is remarkable. They are persistent when the circumstances aren’t ideal. They work hard and find a clever, although impractical, way to get their friend to Jesus. I believe I have those type of friends in my life, friends who do the heavy lifting, peeling back roof tiles to heave my brokenness in front of Jesus to be omitted from my life.

Who has done that in your life?

Is there someone who needs to be advocated for in your life? Who can’t fend for themselves and desperately needs Christ’s healing? The answer, for all of us, is yes.

We are called to mimic the life of Christ, who solely associated himself with the unwanted, the judged and the poor. He paid no mind to how it impacted his social standings. My prayer is that I love like this, eager to reach the people that need God most. O, how easily we tend to turn from inconvenience in our love towards others. Let’s all learn from the men who barged in through the roof to help someone reach Jesus.

What did you notice in Jesus’ actions from this chapter?







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