Amos 6-7

“You push away every thought of coming disaster, but your actions only bring the day of judgment closer. How terrible for you who sprawl on ivory beds and lounge on your couches, eating the meat of tender lambs from the flock and of choice calves fattened in the stall.” 6:3-4

The first part of chapter 6 reads like the screen play of Marie Antoinette. The upper class of Samaria lounged around, feasting on expensive meats and lavish wine, ignoring God’s warnings to snap out of it. Instead of prioritizing justice and righteous living, Israel over-indulged in a hedonistic lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, the western church should find this wildly relatable. The recent refugee crisis comes to mind. Or really, just upper middle class living in general. Sometimes I dread that people living in poverty will find out how we treat our dogs over here. Forking over money for human-like, canned foods, expensive surgeries and buying them plush beds. (This is just one of the many areas I think we get it wrong, but if your dog is in a sweater, feel free to point fingers at the stack of my Apple products nearby.)

God insists that we have hearts for social justice, but we have a tendency to distract ourselves.

Is God trying to get a message across to you, but you have filled your life with so much noise you don’t notice? It’s easy to get bogged down by all the problems in the world, and feel discouraged about where to start. Start small, start local. Who are your neighbors? Who’s already in your life that you should seek justice for? Fighting the good fight is part of the Christian lifestyle and far too often, we sit ourselves out. Pray and ask God how he’d like you to join in.



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