Hosea 9-10

“Israel is a luxuriant vine; he produces fruit for himself. The more his fruit, the more alters he made; the richer his land, the better he made the sacred places.” (10:1)

What is our attitude toward resources? The sentiment, “once I have _______, I’ll give _______ to the LORD”, is a tempting thing to put off.

It’s very simple to identify what holds the supreme seat in our hearts. Where do I invest my resources: time, money, talents, etc? For me, time and attention is more valuable than money. When I’m busy, what’s the first thing to go? What am I always saying I’ll do when I have more time?

“Sow with a view to righteousness, reap in accordance with kindness; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the LORD until He comes to rain righteousness on you.” (10:12)

Seeking the LORD takes time and a commitment to “break up ground” in order to weed bad things out and give good things a fighting chance to grow. He is faithful to make kindness grow in us if only we desire to become so, submitting to His beautiful designs.

What is something you can do today, now, with the resources you have at this moment? These are the baby steps needing to be taken. It’s a little-by-little transformation, not a save-up-and-do-something-drastic make over. There are small steps plus a measure of waiting and depending on God’s power, just like any good gardening analogy will tell you.


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