Lamentations 1-2

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The cries of Israel are desperate; the former glory is trash heaps.

“Her adversaries have become her masters; her enemies prosper; for the LORD has caused her grief because of the multitude of her transgressions; her little ones have gone away as captives before the adversary.” (1:5)

Each verse is a lament (so aptly named, is this book), and I’ve gotta say, it’s a good thing I’m not the LORD, because I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for them.

This is exactly what He said would happen, if they exchanged Him for some worthless god. They were to be His light to the nations and instead they were worse than their neighbors. And in all this crying, I don’t see one, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” Or “You are greater than Baal! I’ll never do that again!” No, no. It’s just, “Woe is me!” Even though verses like 1:5 and 18 admit they know why it’s happening.

Still, it is a sad day for Israel, and the glory of this book is how a merciful God honors and recognizes human suffering (even though it’s self inflicted).

Throughout my life, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and a merciful God has allowed me to experience a fair amount of consequences. Then He also comforts and restores with His kindness which leads to repentance. He is the perfect Father we have no context to ask for.

What are you lamenting? Bring all your moanings and groanings to the LORD, even if you’re too proud to say sorry, yet. It’s also totally possible to suffer from being tangled up in someone else’s transgression. This is a broken world, where we all take turns hurting and being hurt. Let’s look to our Perfect Lord and Father to restore us. He is the Only One with the power to do so! And let’s pursue obedience to Him, in hopes of minimizing some of this daily damage on each other.


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