Jeremiah 47-48

“Because you have trusted in your wealth and skill, you will be taken captive.” 48:7

It does not seem to go well for people who lean into their pride instead of the Lord. Isn’t it so easy to, though? Money and success stand tall, mimicking security and worth. But they fall over so easily, revealing that they are nothing more than a cardboard cutout.

Money doesn’t provide for me, God does. Skill is not where I find myself. I am not marked by success. Who I am is found in Christ alone, why do I keep looking elsewhere?

After a pretty intense chapter, I love this glimpse of God’s grace and mercy:

“What sorrow awaits you, O people of Moab! The people of the god Chemosh are destroyed! Your sons and your daughters have been taken away as captives. But I will restore the fortunes of Moab in days to come. I, the Lord, have spoken!” 48:46-47

We, too, are promised restoration. Let’s take him up on it.




2 thoughts on “Jeremiah 47-48

  1. Thank you for insight into this passage and bringing the truth home to our lives practically. It is so good to be live the truth. We then build on our firm foundation, Jesus Christ! It reminded me of two of my family members that I pray fervently for to come home.

    Blessings on your day


  2. oops….leave “be” out of to live the truth. and the last sentence should say I pray fervently for them to come home. Should read my response before I send it.



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