Jeremiah 37-38

Poor Jeremiah. Locked away and lowered into a dark and wet sewer with no food or water. I love the way God is faithful to him here, it’s very Daniel-and-the-lion’s-den. Ebed-melech, an important court official, receives permission to rescue Jeremiah from the cistern, feed him and put him back in a respectable prison cell. (In the next couple chapters we’ll read about how God rewards him for this.)

Even after being inhumanly treated for speaking God’s truth, he stands face-to-face with the king and does it again.

Sharing God’s message comes with an expensive price; you are vulnerable to mankind’s reactions to it. Jeremiah sets a brave and godly example for us: do it anyway. He is faithful to God and God alone, and he is advocated for, even in prison, because of this.

What keeps you from speaking God’s truth? What consequence are you afraid of? 





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