Jeremiah 25-26

“For the past twenty-three years…the Lord has been giving me his messages. I have faithfully passed them on to you, but you have not listened.” 25:3

Can you imagine telling people the same thing over and over again for 23 years with no response? Maybe you can. Maybe there’s someone in your life you’ve been praying for and sharing the gospel with for years and they’ve never really heard you.

Here’s the crucial part to this: Jeremiah is doing this out of his devotion to God, not devotion to his own agenda. If he just wanted to be right, or win some sort of power struggle, he would never sustain such a task. Of course he has his ups and downs, I’m sure he was worn out and discouraged often. But he is able to continue sharing God’s words because he has committed himself to God.

Are you frustrated by the meager results you’re seeing after all the effort you put in to sharing God’s message? Sort out your intentions. We are not responsible for how someone responds to God. Remember who you are committing yourself to and trust that you are being used for the bigger picture; the plan doesn’t hinge on you alone.

Be encouraged when you read these chapters; we are in good company when we share God’s hard-to-swallow words. 


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