Jeremiah 1-2

For an overview of the book of Jeremiah, watch this video.

If you read the book of 2 Kings with us, you might remember when the 8 year old king, Josiah, arrived on the scene in 2 Kings 22. That’s when the book of Jeremiah came together and he delivered a very unpopular message to the people: there are about to be major consequences for your actions.

Chapter 2 is long and pretty heart-wrenching to read. God is telling Jerusalem just how ridiculous it is that they abandoned him after all he’s done and all they’ve been through.

“…my people have exchanged their glorious God for worthless idols!” 2:11

Oh, how terribly often we do the exact same thing.

We exchange God’s perfect peace for relentless anxiety. We ignore his pursuing love for meaningless peer approval. We eat rotting, bland scraps instead of feasting on his living bread.

Exam your heart with me today. What are you exchanging God for? It can be moment to moment. Earlier instead of resting in God’s perfect, eternal, before-the-beginning-of-the-earth timing, I gripped on to the manmade concept of time and my agenda for it. This not only fails me, it hurts Him.

He is enough for you.





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