3 John & Jude

“I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my Children walking in the truth.” (3 John 4)

What does it mean to “walk in” something? To actively apply a belief. We walk in the truth about gravity, and make sure our steps land on ground and not into empty spaces. The hope and desire to walk in truth is what fuels this blog! When I’m not actively pursuing truth in the Word everyday, I allow the ideas of friends, social media, television, movies, co-workers, you-name-it to become the confusing concepts I walk in. 

These past months I’ve been way outside my normal Bible believing bubble and it is a battle to stay grounded on truth as to walk in it, but a battle well-worth waging! I wish we all could walk in the truths of Scripture each day:

  • God, our Creator, knows best about everything and has made His designs known.
  • God, our Father, loves us so deeply, He sacrificed Himself/His Only Son Jesus, to be with us.
  • God, our Provider, knows what we need and is able to care for us, just like He care for animals.
  • God, our Healer, is able to redeeem, restore and eventually resurrect our broken down bodies.
  • God, our Protector, is entirely trustworthy and full of grace.
  • Etc. etc. you get the idea.

This is why I so strongly desire for people to grow in their love of Bible study. It’s the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! This is what it’s about folks! Don’t let other people sell you “truth”, God has given us His Word!

Here is the Bible Project overview of Jude 

I know, the video is longer than the book. Don’t get caught up in the references, but remember the point: maintaining a fear of the Lord, as you receive grace, knowing God has historically not let His favor be twisted into self-indulging practices for long. 

Don’t let people deceive you, by manipulating Scripture to bend toward gratification. Know the gospel. Know the Old Testament. Know the LORD for yourself! 

As LaVar Burton would say at the end of Reading Rainbow: “Don’t take my word for it.”


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