Job 17-18

“You must defend my innocence, O God, since no one else will stand up for me.” 17:3

It’s a hard lesson, meekness. Letting the Lord defend you, when no one else will. It’s a beautiful opportunity of Christ-likeness, but it doesn’t always pay off in the way or in the timing we want it to.

Job is waiting and waiting for God to ease his suffering, to defend him and announce “you are innocent!” and return his life to what it was. Spoiler alert: he does. But it’s less about how something starts and ends, and more about what your heart looks like during. 

How do you respond when you’re wrongly accused?

How does God want you to respond?

Time tells all might be a cliche, but it’s true. If you are waiting something out, take heart. No one is more atuned to waiting out innocence like Jesus, our brother and our Savior. Come to him in prayer, ask for strength, and remember what great company you are in.



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