Job 9-10

“I loathe my life.” 10:1

Poor Job. These chapters were a bit depressing, and you just can’t blame the guy. I appreciate that he stays in it with God though. He pleads with him, he doubts him and he questions him. All of this is better than not interacting with him at all. Or believing he’s not with you.

Are you suffering? I spoke with a friend in a hard season yesterday and she wondered aloud if God was punishing her for disobedience. “Ask him!” I replied. We have to stay in it with him. Even if we’re waving our hands around in frustration, even if we’re devastated or feel betrayed by him. Even if you loathe your life. We are in relationship with God, and like any other relationship, it requires communication.

What do you need to talk about with him?




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