Song of Songs 1-2

This is probably the book I’ve read the least in the Bible, so I’m looking forward to going through it! I watched the Bible Project Overview and it helped a lot.

My husband has always loved the verse ”catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom” (2:15). (There’s apparently an album by mewithoutyou named after it, although I’ve never listened to it.) This is why I occasionally love poetry; it says things eloquently and beautifully that could pose as boring or rude. The author is telling her beloved, “get rid of anything that could ravage and destroy our relationship”. Foxes catch, sneak and take. They scarf down hard-earned fruit from the garden, bite the neck of chickens and burrow holes in carefully raked soil. They destroy.

I lean more towards the interpretation of this book being an allegory for God’s relationship with us (as well as a healthy example of human desire). So I’m hoping to apply it to my marriage, but ultimately to my relationship with the Lord.

What are the foxes in my relationship with God? What needs to be taken out and possibly poses a threat to the fruit he’s growing? What am I prone to? What do I need to keep an eye on?

The better you know yourself, the more equipped you are to anticipate a problem that could arise and prevent it. For example, I’m prone to comparison and discontentment. Because of this, (except for a few classics), I try to avoid watching romantic comedies. I know! It’s silly. But sometimes I finish watching them and then pick a fight with Matt about why he doesn’t come barging in to rooms to announce to everyone why he’s in love with me. Or wonder out loud to him what it’d be like to be married to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Regular, healthy people are able to watch these movies and think “that’s unrealistic and cliche, oh well”. It’s silly and small, but it’s something that could potentially add unnecessary problems to my relationship with my husband, so I grab that fox and toss it out. It’s my way of working around my insecurities and protecting my heart in a culture insistent on tearing down marriage.

Satan prowls around like a hungry lion, stalking to destroy and take down (1 Peter 5:8). Have you ever seen a prowling lion? They’re quiet. Sneaky. You might not even see it coming until it’s too late. Stay alert and anticipate the problems that will arise between your relationship with God. It’s not a question of if there will be problems; we are human beings, the questions is what will the problems be and can I prevent them?





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