Esther 7-8

What a bad outcome for ol’ Haman. Don’t you wish all evil plots had an ending like this? The Bad Guy’s plan gets foiled and he ends up stuck in the trap he set for someone else; it’s ideal.

My Bible points back to the wisdom of Proverbs 26:27 “whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling”.

When do you set a trap for someone?

Even if it’s not on the scale of Haman trying to take out an entire race, the Scripture can still be applied to us. Do you try to catch people failing? Do you ‘throw someone under the bus’, to make yourself look better? Do you anticipate someone’s failures and try to benefit from them? This is not godly behavior. Instead, we are called to believe the best in people, set them up for success and help make up for their weaknesses. 

Esther has a great response. She doesn’t try to take down Haman herself. She brings the matter before the king and begs him to protect her people. This should be our response to evil as well: bring matters to the King and let him handle it. Revenge is mine, says the Lord.

Watch your intentions today. Is there a coworker, family member or peer who you try to set up for failure? Why? How is that turning out for you? If it’s a real problem beyond petty bitterness, bring it before the Lord and allow him to protect you. Don’t write your own revenge plan.



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