Esther 5-6

I have always wondered why Esther didn’t make her big announcement at the first banquet, but instead asked for a second. There could be some cultural reason (second meetings are more important??), or maybe she panicked and wanted another day to collect herself, or during all the fasting and praying with her staff, they agreed this was a good idea. Who knows! In all cases, the delay makes this story much more interesting.

Last time I talked about favor being evidence of God, and today I’m saying it’s perfect timing. He is very present in the incredible timing of these events.

First off, let’s jump back to chapter 3 where Haman rolls the dice on when to kill the Jews and it falls on Adar, the 12th month, buying the Jews some serious time. Thanks God!

Now, jump to chapter 5 when Haman just so happens to spot Mordecai on the ol’ commute home, enraging him enough to spark a conversation with his family which results in the construction of gallows. Those will come in handy later.

Then, most fortuitously of all, that night the king is reminded he hasn’t thanked Mordecai for saving his life and decides to honor him ASAP.

Lastly, Haman again arrives to the right place at the right time (wrong place, wrong time from his perspective) to be roped in to Mordecai’s exaltation.

My favorite part, however, is when Haman goes home, in hysterics, to his family and they’re like, “yeah, probably shouldn’t have messed with Jews”. The nations still know the God of Israel is no joke!

The best reminder I can receive during an anxious meltdown, is the everything nature of timing. It is the most important part of any plan and it is completely outside of my control. I can only be faithful in it and patient with it. 

A quote I often recall is a Matt Wertz lyric (surprise, surprise) saying, 

“Let go. Time knows something we don’t.”

One night can change everything. One second can make a difference. We rarely see those times coming, but God knows all things from beginning to end.

Whether Esther had a premonition about the need for a second banquet or it was nerves, God orchestrated every detail. We can trust Him to do that. 


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