Nehemiah 11-13

Let’s finish out this book, shall we?

Nehemiah’s severe response to the people’s sin in chapter 13 is notable. The people had promised not to allow their children to marry pagans, but while Nehemiah was gone, that promise to God was broken. God loves all people, but he knows how quickly we will separate ourselves from him if we commit to loving someone who doesn’t love him.

I like Nehemiah’s example here. He brings up Solomon, one of the greatest kings Israel ever saw and the wisest man to ever live. Because of the influence non-believers had on him, Israel fell. Nehemiah brings up such a tangible example to them because I think he knows what they’re thinking: it won’t happen to me. We all think that! That’s one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. We think we our exempt from temptation and sin, or that the consequences will not impact us the way it’s impacted other people.

You are not above God’s law. Either was David, Solomon, or any of the other great, godly men who were clobbered by sin and suffered the consequences. We have the extreme privilege of having access to the Bible in it’s completion, which means we get to learn from other people’s mistakes. 

When you read the Bible, do you think that won’t happen to me? Or do you think I will not let this happen to me?

Let’s give thanks to the Holy Spirit who helps guide us each day and commit to reading the Bible with humble, submissive hearts willing to learn and obey.

Tomorrow, we start the book of Esther!



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