Nehemiah 1-2

Everybody likes Nehemiah. Ultimate leader guy. He has the king of Persia on his side because also, “The good hand of my God was upon me.” (2:8) Double whammy.

I can just picture him, upon his noble stead, scoping out the situation by night. The run down people of Israel don’t know he’s been sent, with the blessing of Artexerxes, to do exactly what they’ve been praying for.

The LORD loves to answer the prayers of His people. All throughout these chapters Nehemiah is praying for forgiveness, opportunity and the words to express what is in his heart. Look for leaders who pray first. Be a leader who prays before planning or speaking; leading with repentance and interceeding for your teammates. 

Allow God to put dreams and goals into your heart. These things will most likely be way beyond you, so be ready to humbly depend on the Lord for every step. Also, get ready to assemble your team, rarely is something worthwhile done alone.

These are major things to keep an eye out in this book: Nehemiah’s example of leadership and the importance of community. What stood out to you?


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