Ezra 9-10

I love what my Bible commentary had to say to sum up the book of Ezra:

“The book of Ezra opens with God’s Temple in ruins and the people of Judah captive in Babylon. Ezra tells of the return of God’s people, the rebuilding of the Temple, and the restoration of the sacrificial worship system. Similarly, God is able to restore and rebuild the lives of people today. No one is so far away from God that restoration is not possible. Repentance is all that is required. No matter how far we have strayed or how long it has been since we have worshiped God, he is able to restore our relationship to him and rebuild our lives.” (NLT Chronological Bible pg. 1202)

As we read in today’s chapters, there are dark moments when God is rebuilding something. To rebuild, first you have to tear down. For the people of Israel, it was relationships they weren’t suppose to be in.

Is there something in your life that needs to be torn down and restored by God? 

I could relate to the reading today. I’ve had those moments when I’m shivering in the cold and looking at the mess I’ve made by being disobedient to God. All he’s waiting for is a repentant and willing heart. Which often goes hand in hand with an overwhelmed, down-trodden and weary heart. He handles it all.

Take time today and ask God if he will help rebuild what needs to be torn down.



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