2 Chronicles 29-30

Hezekiah does the good, hard work of turning things inside out, reopening the Temple and pointing people back to God. Tons of details and hard work went into this. Purification ceremonies for the priests. Hundreds of animals were sacrificed, in depth worship assemblies were performed. A huge Passover celebration was prepared and put on. Messengers were sent out all over the city, trudging around in what I have to assume were sandals offering poor arch support, to get the message out: repent and turn to God.

It is never too late to start over with God. If you’ve been reading along with us, you can agree, these people have messed up. There are generations, and a line up of kings who have failed. Evil, detestable things have been done. I love the way Hezekiah rolls up his sleeves and rallies people to turn things around and jump back into relationship with Him. You can do this too. 

Do you feel distant from him? Maybe you feel he failed you. Or you have a long list of ways you’ve failed him. Don’t know where to start? Feel discouraged, stuck in a rut, overwhelmed by the daunting task? Hezekiah undoubtedly felt all those same things. It took him a lot of work to turn things around, you have it much easier. Just ask. Repent, invite Jesus to turn your life upside down and watch out, he will.

This doesn’t mean it will be symptom-less. You will have to give things up. Add things in. Humble yourself before God. People you invite into it might laugh at you (30:10). But it is good, rewarding work. He can enter into your marriage and heal it. He can break your addiction. He can revive your discouraged soul. He can heal your church. Dissolve your bitterness. Earn your trust. God does good and seemingly impossible work to those who humble themselves and repent.

Do you need to start over with God? What’s stopping you?





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