2 Chronicles 21-22

Yuck. Jehoram’s reign is marked with rebellion and cruelty. He married an idol-worshipper. He killed his six brothers. He was awful man whom God punished with an awful death.

Elijah is only briefly mentioned in the book of Chronicles, but you can read more about him in 1 & 2 Kings. He has a fascinating story and unique relationship with God.

When I read this today, I caught myself thinking that not everyone gets a letter read to them by a prophet, written by God, warning us of our impending punishment as a result of our sinful lives. Except we do. We are all Jehoram. Jesus is our Elijah. And even better, we have a way out of our punishment. Because of his grace, we have the gospel. 

Our letters don’t end with terrible, daunting news of everlasting suffering, but instead boast of everlasting life. Jesus took on our punishment and awful death so that we can be with him, marked clean. Let’s share this story. Instead of cowering away from those who live cruel lives, pray for them. Remember that you too are Jehoram, undeserving of a slate wiped clean.

Share the gospel with someone who needs it. (Today it was me, and I’m so grateful for access to the God’s word who reminds me of it!)



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