2 Chronicles 11-12

Even though Chronicles doesn’t say Solomon ended his career as king poorly, you can see in these chapters how things were poised and ready to slide out of control. 

Why is it so easy to abandon the Lord for worthless things? How does He have patience for us? I hardly have patience for myself. 

And here again, in 12:6-7, the LORD relents from calamity because they humbled themselves in the 11th hour. Why do we always have to wait for the 11th hour to humble ourselves?! I’m sure the cities Shishak captured before getting to Jerusalem would have appreciated a speedier repentance. 

People are incredibly self destructive, but God is infinitely more gracious. Oh Praise Him!! So how can I be the love of God to people? By continuing in graciousness with my self destructive friends (as well as myself). By moving in the Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gooodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control instead of the flesh. 

The Holy Spirit is the sources of everything and I need to remember to come to Him as such, many times a day. Otherwise, I’m just lost, and prone to self destruct.

LORD, guard us and lead us. Thank you for your Spirit, who works within us and teaches us how to live and love as you intended. Give us Your grace for one another. We need You.


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