2 Chronicles 1-2

Solomon is off to a great start. Here’s a great outline on how to respond when you step into leadership or a position of godly authority: 

1. Drop everything and worship God. Solomon gathers up all the leaders of Israel and sets the tone: we will worship. 

2. Consult Him. (1:6) 

3. Ask for wisdom. Can you imagine this? Solomon has the ultimate Magic Genie situation and the only thing he asks for is to lead his people well. He is taking his role seriously, humbling himself and reaching out for help to the ultimate Helper. 

God love, love, loves humility and despises pride. It is easy to get carried away with yourself when you’ve been put in a special or powerful position. Let’s not forget that it is God who puts people into authority (Romans 13:1), and no one is wiser or more powerful than him. 

Has God given you authority somewhere? How are you leading? We have the ultimate mentor! Consult with him. 

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