1 Chronicles 26-27

“Obil the Ishmaelite was in charge of the camels.” 27:30

Sometimes, at the end of the day, I wonder if my life matters. I compare my time spent to the friends I see on social media, or the characters I read about in books. I recount my day: I washed the same dishes as yesterday. I repeated the same requests to my preschooler. I worried about the same things, I spoke to similar people. I watched the same sunset. My life is wonderful. I have food to eat, a family to serve, easy access to God’s word, clothes to wear and a gigantic comfortable bed to climb in to. But is the work I’m doing really that valuable? Some of my friends are on the front lines of ministry. Watching people come to Christ for the first time. Pouring themselves out for the expansion of the gospel. And meanwhile, I feel like Obil; allotted to watching camels, while other men are tasked Important Work. 

But it is important work! Someone has to watch the livestock. And camels (I think?), were used for transportation and were needed. Protecting them and caring for them was an important job, nevermind how glamorous. They probably spit. Definitely smelled. Were not grateful. 

I am in a season of camel-watching work. Raising my son and tending to housework is not glamorous and children are notoriously ungrateful (and tend to smell). I can still pour myself out; this is still gospel work. Serving my family pleases God. And I am my son’s biggest and most consistent example, good or bad, of God’s love. Yikes! Burn the Netflix account! 

I’ve been in more center-stage life work before. Maybe I will be again. But if my role was being recorded like the list in today’s chapters, it would read: 

Carly, of Portland, Oregon, is a child rearer and laundry folder. 

And I want to take great pride in that. 

What would your role read? Are you pouring yourself out for your work, as if it was the most important role? Because it is. Our lives are to be poured out to God, whatever he has assigned us to. 

Does your life feel meaningless? Ask God what you could be doing. Scout out opportunities to serve him. Let’s go! 

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