1 Chronicles 10-11

I like reading about David’s mighty men. I feel like I’m reading about characters in an upcoming Marvel movie; it can be hard to believe these stories are real. 

And yet, I do believe. I read that Beniah pursued a lion into a cave and killed it, soaking the white snow with the mammal’s red blood. I believe it. “Once, armed only with a club, he killed an Egyptian warrior who was 7.5 feet tall and who was armed with a spear as thick as a weaver’s beam.” I think yes, this happened.

However. I do doubt him when he says he’ll provide everything I need. Instead, I let myself worry about finances or work issues. My voice shakes when I ask him for strength, even though he promises to grant it to me. And in fact, tells me he already has. (2 Timothy 1:7) 

I read about a God who (literally) speaks through the mouths of donkeys, who empowers men to conquer giants and I still struggle to believe everything else he says. I know this is normal, you probably do too. But why? 

I read these chapters and feel proud to follow a God with a creative flare. I watch culture try to mirror it, pumping out movie after movie about superheroes. We want something bigger than ourselves. And it is abundantly available to us! 

Call upon the God Who Saves to meet you in areas you don’t imagine he can or will. Because he can. And he will. 

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