1 Chronicles 3-9

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s a lot of chapters for one day.” You’re right, but they’re all geneologies and easy to skim. Didn’t want to spend a whole week on them, ya know?

Here’s the Bible Project Overview.

This book is a major summation of Israel’s history, so of course these genealogies are vital. It also becomes clear that the line of Judah is most enduring, as the others in the north were lost during their exile to Assyria.

Something that really sticks out to me, about the themes and differences between Chronicles and Samuel/Kings (as mentioned in the overview), is the omission of David’s major flaws, and the highlighting of some other’s redeemable qualities.

I’ve always found comfort in knowing God could use and lift up someone who messed up as royally as David. Having those records of shortcomings can give us hope God can use anyone who chooses humility.

But that’s not the purpose of Chronicles. This book is more about endurance of hope for the future. I think we can glean something from this: Focusing on the good, in each other and in God’s faithfulness to preserve us, is exactly what we need to not give up. The glaring weaknesses in our humanity can very easily take the wind out of our sails. Our faith must be in God’s ability to preserve us, redeem us, keep His promises and claim victory over the death lurking among us. 

Think of some people in your life who you’ve really seen God use. Does it ever bother you to see God lift up someone you know is really messed up? It’s definitely bothered me before! But then God graciously (sometimes painfully) brings me down off my high horse to note how deeply broken I am, and how incredible it is that He can still shine in my brokenness.

David was a “man after God’s own heart”. David was the archetype for the future Messiah. David was an adulterous murderer with multiple wife’s and the blood of Philistine foreskins on his hands. 

This is hard to wrap my mind around. Isn’t it the incredible mercy of God to call him, or Abraham or Moses, a friend? Isn’t it even more incredible that He says, when He arrives He will in some ways resemble these mortals?!?!? We have one crazy God.

Jesus calls us His friends. He must really be focused on our image-bearing qualifies. Can we focus on those in each other today?


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