1 Chronicles 1-2

Gotta love a good genealogy list every now and then, right? If you’ve been reading with us for a while now, you might recognize some of these names. These chapters are the official family records of Israel; they show us the history of God’s work. The intent of the Chronicles were to teach the people returning from exile in Babylon about their spiritual heritage as a nation. 

What’s your spiritual heritage? 

How did your relationship with God begin? I started writing out a list of names, as far back as I could remember, of people who have contributed to God’s work in my life. 

A few family members I never met. A great aunt and uncle. My parents. A small group leader I loved. My friend’s mom who baptized me. Some camp counselors. Mentors. Good friends. These names, and memories, are gifts. They mark the history I have with God. My spiritual heritage. 

Take a minute to think back on who has been spiritual family in your life, and thank God for them. And maybe thank them personally, too. 

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