Psalm 136-139

Good ol’ Psalm 139. It’s the anthem for the lonely, hurting, complicated or lost. We’re promised the thing we always long for: to be known. 

Being known is such a romanticized, human concept. We like it when the barista remembers our coffee order. When friends keep track of our memories. We love receiving the perfect gift, something we mentioned in passing months before. Romance is marked by thoughtfulness. Intimacy blooms in exposure. 

And here, in Psalm 139, we read about a God who has us all figured out. He anticipates us. He arrives before we get somewhere. When we duck into darkness, he flips on the light. He thinks about us. Can you fathom that? 

What trial or joy are you facing right now? God is facing that too. He’s Emmanuel, God with us. 

He knows what you like, what you don’t. He sorts through your thoughts. He anticipates your needs. He goes with you. Arrives before you. Thinks about you. Loves you. 

I love the response the psalmist has to this beautiful intimacy with God. They want more. They posture themselves towards sanctification, asking God to reveal their sin to them so they can stomp it out. 

What’s your response to being known by God? Do you shrink back? Do you ask for more? 

Reread Psalm 139 and praise God for being such an involved Creator. Look for more ways to grow your relationship with him today. 

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