Psalm 132-135

“Praise the LORD! Praise the name of the LORD; Praise Him, O servants of the LORD,” (135:1‬)

Lots of praising today, and building a temple of praise, and being in His Holy Habitation. No one, and nothing on earth, deserves the praise due His name. He is above all. It is lovely to praise Him.

LORD, I praise You for Your design of the earth, water cycles, season cycles, generations, families, animals, the human body. 

I praise You for Your pursuit of our hearts; loving, forgiving, redeeming, convicting, sanctifying, comforting, softening, restoring and nurturing.

I praise You for Your preservation of the Word and for always maintaining a remnant to carry Your glorious Name to the ends of the earth.

I praise You for sending Your Spirit to dwell in us, making our bodies Your new temple.

I praise You for Your grace, which so naturally qualifies as amazing; giving generously to me, the undeserving.

I praise You for laughter and beautiful moments in the face of adversity; bringing beauty out of our ashes.

I praise You for Your sovereignty, that when all seems out of control, You are still in control.

What will you praise Him for today?


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