Psalm 120-123

The psalms were short today, so we’re going to read through four!

“Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper. O Jerusalem, may there be peace within your wall and prosperity in your palaces.” 122:6-7

This is a beautiful, intercessory prayer given by the writer. He doesn’t just pray for a good future for him, but he lifts up the needs of where he lives.

Prayer can be daunting, and we all experience seasons where we thrive in it, and seasons where we’re quiet, unsure where to even start. Here’s a simple outline prompt I start with when I struggle in prayer:

Pray for your leaders. Whatever your life looks like, you have someone over you. Your boss at work, your pastor, your camp counselor or even your parents. You have some sort of authority in your life, and they deserve to be covered in prayer by you. The Bible mentions in a couple places that we should pray for those over us.
Pray for your city. As a resident of where you live, you know the needs. Don’t feel like you do? What are the things you find yourself complaining about? Lift those things up in prayer and intercede for where you live.

Pray for urgent needs. Unfortunately, there is always someone battling cancer, losing a loved one or experiencing an unexpected trauma. Call upon the Lord. Ask for peace, ask for comfort, ask for a miracle.

Notice, these three prompts don’t necessarily have you praying for yourself. I’ve never struggled to think about myself or revolve my prayer life around myself. For one week, try not to pray for your own personal needs and desires. “But my marriage is a nightmare!” Then pray for your spouse and their needs for a week. God knows your needs and desires, lean into him and take a week spending your thought life on someone else. (I succeed at this when I’m writing in a prayer journal or referring to a written list, otherwise my thought life will wander right back to thinking about itself. Sigh.)

Try it!

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