Psalm 119: Qoph & Resh

“Argue my case, take my side! Protect my life as you promised.” 119:154 

This verse made me think about what a great advocate we have in Jesus Christ. 

1 John 2:1 reads “…but if anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father. He is Jesus Christ, the one who is truly righteous.” 

Romans 8:34 tells us that Jesus sits at God’s right hand and pleads for us. 

We are clothed in the protection, love, advocacy and safety of the Son of God. This means we don’t have to worry about being enough, we don’t have to dwell on our shortcomings or failures and we can rest in our true identity. 

Take time today to mediate on this. We are advocated for! Jesus defends us and covers us. Even when we fail him or choose other things over him. He loves us unconditionally and stands between us and our former fate. 

What keeps you from living in this truth? 

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