Psalm 119: Zayin & Heth

I love this beautiful glimpse we’re given of someone who truly gives themselves over to God’s word. 

-They’re comforted and revived by God’s promises in Scripture. 

-Over time, sinful behavior doesn’t appeal to them and they even resent it’s existence. 

-They end their day by reflecting on who God is, and who is isn’t. 

-They take inventory of their life, “pondering the direction of where it’s going”. 

-They’re in relationship with other godly people. 

-When they can’t sleep, they mediate on Him. 

My personal favorite was “your decrees have been the themes of my songs wherever I have lived”. I just moved and am overwhelmed at the task of starting over. I’m so thankful for the companionship, love and affirmation I receive spending time in God’s word! He is with me wherever I go, he is the cornerstone that my life rests on and I am thankful for his consistent character when my life feels inconsistent. 

We live in such an amazing time in history, with more access to Scripture than ever. Let’s not take that for granted! 

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