Judges 19-21

We’re going to plow through all three chapters today to get the HECK out of the book of Judges, ugh. I struggle to process today’s Scripture on my own, let alone write about it on a public format.

My heart breaks for this woman, referred to only as “the concubine” in these chapters. I’m sad for the way her story ends, I’m sad for her father who eagerly tried to get as much time with his daughter as he could. Every part of this story, every person’s actions, is just downright horrifying.

It’s tempting, and completely normal, to ask why, God? Horrible, evil things take place in our world while God seemingly stands by. Today, I’m asking God why, but in a different tone with a different sentence.

Why does God still love Israel? They have veered so far from him that the sexual perversion in this story was expected by the townspeople.

The more and more I familiarize myself with God’s history with mankind, the less I ask why do bad things happen? And the more I’m grateful that he loves mankind and has provided a way out for us. He’s such a loving, good father!

As much as my stomach twists reading the book of Judges, I can also relate. Like the Israelites, I give myself over to the law of the land far more than God’s law. I drift towards human kings instead of following the Only True King. My heart is twisted and I act in self-preserving ways daily. I’m Samson, applauding myself for battles God allotted for me to win. If the history of Christians today were documented the way the book of Judges was, how would it read? 

What did you learn about God’s relationship with Israel from reading this book?

What did you learn about your relationship with God?

Tomorrow we are going to pick back up where we left off in the Psalms. We are going to start Psalm 119, but take it slow, starting with the “Aleph & Beth” stanzas.

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