Judges 15-16

The story of Samson and Delilah. It almost reads like folklore. If you’re familiar with the story, I still encourage you to read today’s chapters with fresh eyes. 

God makes Samson special, and slowly but surely, Samson takes credit for this himself and pride seeps into his long-haired head. 

“With the jawbone of a donkey I’ve piled them into heaps”, he boasts after God grants him success. 

It’s so easy to think that we do the work and we deserve the praise. Samson’s strength was God-given, and his pride about this slowly took over and brought him down. It left him blind, his eyes barbarically ripped out of their sockets. He ends his own life in a messy heap of his enemies, as their prisoner. Has God made something really special about you? Stay humble. 

His relationship with Delilah has always fascinated me. After three attempts to defeat his strength, he’s still with her and eventually gives in to her?! There really is no reasoning with someone in love. 

Are like Delilah? Is there someone in your life you hold power or influence over? A significant other, a friend, a peer, a sibling? Take a minute and evaluate how you steward this relationship. Do you exemplify godly love towards them, or use it as an opportunity for personal gain? 

Pride really is the root of all sin. Let’s humble ourselves before God and thank him for the gifts he’s given us and the relationships we’re in. 

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